EP 1 - Sexual Assault: Stories, Questions & Answers

Follow Rio Khademi and Trinity Hartley as they aim to discuss various topics, including the challenges associated with trauma, mental health, and recovery.

Branching out to discuss harmful stigmatization, intersectionality issues, inequality within gender roles, over-sexualization of women, dating culture, and generational trauma.

We provide a safe and inclusive space where victims, mental health specialists, and allies can come together and share their experiences.

Show Notes

0:42 - Q: what brought us to start a conversation on this platform?

2:06 - Q: What age did you start conceptualizing what healthy things should feel like?

3:22 - Q: Why did it take me three years to speak about? And our stories

9:50 - Our Motivation and why we created this podcast

Remember, healing from sexual assault takes time, and it's important to find a support system that works for you. These resources can provide guidance, but always trust your instincts and seek professional help when needed. You are not alone, and there are people ready to support you on your path to recovery.