Who are Your Girls' Girls

Who are Your Girls' Girls

Rio Khademi

I'm currently completing my fifth and final year of the Bachelor of Architecture program at Carleton University. While my professional passion is about architecture and design, I have a personal goal of using my unfortunate yet common experiences as a female in my twenties navigating my way through university to empower and uplift women to bring together a positive community through a podcast and media.

Trinity Hartley

My name is Trinity Hartley, I’m a third-year student at Carleton University, majoring in Health Psychology and Minoring in Neuroscience. I have a profound interest in health practices in psychology and specifically, sexual health advocacy.

For The Girls’ Girls is a Canadian Podcast dedicated to addressing the everyday frustrations experienced by women. Through engaging discussions, this podcast delves into the challenges faced by women and provides actionable insights for fostering empowerment in their lives.

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